Friday, April 24, 2009

09. Thursday - April 23, 2009

GALLOP NYC - I decided to head on down to Kesington Stables just south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn to check out and hopefully help out the GALLOP folks for the afternoon. GALLOP NYC is a not for profit organization that seeks to encourage growth and rehab in disabled individuals by allowing them to ride and interact with horses. Good for people, good for our equine friends. This little guy, Marshmallow - shown here during his pre-class time goof off session where he's literally kicking up his heels and racing around, was once a lab animal. They said because he has "problems" he has become one of the favorites amongst the students. It was heartwarming and a lot of fun to help out these kids.

I will add too - something I've never seen before at any stable anywhere - a guy in a doo-rag riding english, and he was damn good too. This city is wonderful!

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