Thursday, May 21, 2009

24. Thursday - May 14, 2009

DC - Today I spent a long 5 hours on the china town bus knock off (much safer Vamoose) and headed to DC to share my brother Ben's exciting achievement of graduating from George Washington University Law School. Rahm Emmanuel delivered a fantastic commencement speech about creating a new life in desperate times such as which we're currently living and how to recover from failure.

Rahm Emanuel said one thing in his speech which really hit me:
"You will have failures in your life, but it is what you do during those valleys that will determine the heights of your peaks."
It was inspirational and a much needed pep talk. Despite the rain, I started seeing the sun and Ben's seersucker suit (a summer staple amongst attorneys on Capital Hill) was a cheerful respite from the throngs of black suits and dresses that so many of the other graduates had donned. Not to mention that his fashion sense garnered the attention of the school's dean as the best dressed grad. I'm proud of what you've achieved Ben! Thank you, Ben, for being such an inspiration too!

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