Thursday, May 21, 2009

25. Friday - May 15, 2009

TIME TRAVEL - After 15 years, my best friend from childhood and I reconnected (amazing what FB can do!). Our lives diverged after I was her maiden of honor when she married. It's crazy to see how much our lives have changed from that brief moment in time. It was jarring to see how or world has changed since our days when we spent every long summer hour surfing together, but it was even more amazing that the closeness we shared as friends all those years ago, still remains.

We embarked on some incredible time travel and attempted to cover those past 15 years in a few short hours. All of the happy moments, all of the struggles, and all of our best hits were revealed, relived and celebrated again. I realized that I've accomplished so much - and it's hard to be down on yourself when you look back and see what you've come from and where you are now. It's also remarkable to mentally plot that path of divergence between you and your closest childhood friend. It was almost painfully obvious to see what a career oriented person I've become. To see how different that trajectory has taken me and to see ~ quite easily ~ why I don't have what I've always wanted, a family of my own. I admit, it was a big revelation to me!

I admire Shannon for her courage to have a family and be just that, a family mother. What an awsome responsibility, what a miracle it is especially during these times when being a stay-at-home-mom is incredibly taboo amongst the circles of people that I hang out with - but something I secretly wish for and desire (shhh! don't tell anyone!). She has four incredible kids - smart, athletic and so sweet. I'm so happy for her, and I hope that any and every stay-at-home-mom (and working mom too or anyone who has kids for that matter!) that reads this knows that you have my admiration. What you do for a living, is hard work and requires giving so much of yourself. I wish our society appreciated you more because it is you in large part who determines the future of our planet, our country and our lives.

Shannon, you make it look effortless!


  1. Jen, you are a brilliant writer and more so, an incredible friend! I too was shocked at how our time and distance apart faded in those hours we spent together on Friday. Those 15 years spent apart are now a distant memory! Maybe we needed some time to grow up to realize what is really important in our lives. It's impossible to replace a cherished friend, especially one you've shared so much with like we have. I can't wait until we get to see each other next, it's like a huge hole in my heart just got filled up again by getting to be back in your life. I love you!!

  2. Shannon, YOU are an incredible friend too! I can't tell you how happy I feel about us reconnecting - I don't think I can say it any more eloquently than you! I can't wait to see you again too! Hopefully soon? I love you too!!!